Where is UNINTER Internationalization department?

Do I have to be a UNINTER’s student to take part in the exchange programme?

What kind of exchange programmes are offered by UNINTER?

Can I study at any university abroad?

And how about the situation of my enrollment at UNINTER?

What are the expenses related to the Exchange Programme?

How do I choose the university to attend?

How can I find out if the partner university offers the course I would like to take?

How can I validate the disciplines/courses taken abroad?

Can I work during the exchange programme?

How much money do I need to live abroad?

Which language should I study to go on the exchange programme?

On arriving at the university abroad, what am I supposed to do?

Can I go on touristic trips during the exchange programme?

What are the main difficulties I can face in the exchange programme?

If I have difficulties during the exchange programme, what should I do?

If I decide to give up and not to go on with the programme, what should I do?

Does UNINTER offer exchange programmes with grants or scholarships?

Where am I going to live?

How can I get further information about the exchange possibilities?