• Imagem Decorativa Viva uma experiencia Internacional Imagem Decorativa Programa de Bolsas IBERO-AMERICANAS 2019
    UNINTER Exchange
    – The Exchange Programme is offered to our undergraduate students in order to study in one of the partner universities. In this programme, UNINTER International University Centre covers the cost of academic bureaucracy, but the student should bear all the travel costs, except for the tuition fees, due to the agreement of partnership. It is important to remark that in some universities abroad the student will have to pay the tuition, but there is a discount, due to the agreement of partnership.


  • UNINTER Master’s Degree Exchange – The programme is offered to the Master’s students. Two study grants (one per semester) of € 1800 (one thousand eight hundred euros) + transfer, international airplane ticket (round trip) and travel insurance will be offered to both selected students


  • Exchange IBERO-AMERICAN Grant –  The programme of Ibero-American grant from Santander, in partnership with UNINTER International University Centre, offers the undergraduate students a grant of € 3.000 (three thousand euros) to study one semester at a foreign university, which should be a partner of both,  Santander and UNINTER International University Centre. For UNINTER International University Centre there will be 08 grants available. Information on the site:  https://www.uninter.com/bolsasantander/.


  • Language Exchange – The programme is ideal for language improvement. If you wish to acquire fluency in any language, studying abroad is a great way to stay closer to the target language for both, the basic-level students as well as the ones with advanced level.